JPBC is a journal of the Department of Customs and Excise – STAN State Finance Polytechnic -  Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia. JPBC publishes research-based articles in the field of Customs and Excise that contribute to the understanding, improvement, development of scientific theories and concepts, and their application to solving problems in the customs and excise sector in Indonesia or World.

JPBC invite authors to submit papers (research-based articles) related to all aspects of the activities of Customs and Excise, for example, exports, imports, public accounting, auditing, law, management, logistics, taxation, public policy, economics, administration, information technology and communications for Customs and Excise. The author(s) who willing to submit must use journal template and include the following forms: Ethics statement and Copyright statement.


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Call For Paper Vol.3, No.1 and 2 (2019)

Call for paper vol 3 nomor 1 dan 2 tahun 2019 telah dibuka  
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Vol 3, No 1: 2019

Table of Contents


Andi Matupalesa, Yudhi Dharma Nauly, Ivan Fanani
Achmad Rifa'i
Renny Sukmono
Brian Viki Satriawan Telaumbanua, Satria Adhitama
Bryan Habib Gautama
Yuafanda Kholfi Hartono
Wisnu Nugrahini
Akhmad Firdiansyah