JURNAL PKN (Jurnal Pajak dan Keuangan Negara)

Journal of Tax and State Finance (PKN Journal) is a publication media of scientific research in the field of taxation and state finance which is published by the Department of Tax, STAN State Polytechnic every six months with the aim to provide research as the development of in-depth studies relating to taxation and state finance to academics, practitioners, students, researchers, government and non-government institutions and other parties.


The scope of research studies including tax law, tax management, state finance, state treasury, state management administration. PKN journals accept research results in Indonesian and English. The author must state that the results of the research have never been published in any media. Research provisions published in PKN journals must meet certain rules and regulations and can be accepted by general standards, the use of research methods used, and the implications and benefits of such research for tax science and state finance.


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